Treatment of the temporomandibular joint

Not only your teeth but also your jaw joint works when chewing, talking or yawning. Few have heard of this joint disorder, but there are many patients suffering from jaw entrapment, recurrent jaw dislocations, unpleasant sounds and pains during yawning or chewing.

Diseases of the temporomandibular joint are treated by dentists specializing in this field. There are only a few such specialists in our country, but we are glad that some of them cooperate with IROK.

It is also important to mention that IROK is a member of the Baltic Functional Dentistry Association (BFOA). This means that patients with jaw disorders in our clinic are treated with the most up-to-date knowledge, modern equipment and treatment methodologies based on detailed research.

Determining the exact causes of jaw joint disorders, especially if these disorders are severe, is quite difficult. Examination of jaw joint disorders is a complex and consistent work performed by specialists in different fields.


In order to accurately diagnose the causes of disorders and prescribe effective treatment, the following indicators need to be evaluated first:

  • 1. The condition of the oral cavity;
  • 2. Bite regularity and changes;
  • 3. Chewing muscle function;
  • 4. Neck and head muscle position;
  • 5. The level of stress experienced and the peculiarities of physical activity;
  • 6. Find out if a person is gritting their teeth or has a strong bite;
  • 7. If a person has suffered injuries to the jaw, evaluate the residual phenomena caused by them;
  • 8. To evaluate the condition of the temporomandibular joint, the course of movements, the regularity of the joint path, etc.

Depending on the origin of the disorder, pathologies of the temporomandibular joint can be treated in the following ways:

Complex treatment.

In some cases, complex and consistent treatment by professionals in different fields is required. We will always prescribe specialized examinations, surgical treatment or refer the patient to physiotherapists, kinesiotherapists or other specialists.

MaRyThe therapy.

It is a micro massage therapy developed by German scientists and performed with a mechanical magnetic resonator. This is an effective new generation vibrating massage, which allows you to restore the normal activity of the body’s cells.

Bite aligners.

According to research, almost 80 percent of adults have a habit of gritting their teeth due to stress or tension. This imperceptibly promotes wear and tear on the surfaces of the chewing teeth and bite lowering. Bite aligners allow you to protect both your own teeth and restorations.

Keep in mind that the temporomandibular joint performs one of the most complex joint movements throughout the human body many times a day. If you suspect you may have problems with your jaw joint, contact a professional immediately. Such disorders can affect not only the condition and bite of your oral cavity, but also your whole body and health.

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Consultation on pathology of the temporomandibular joint
50 €
Examination, diagnosis
150-190 €
Protective acrylic mandibular cap with extraction through the canine teeth
365 €
Treatment with acrylic mandibular cap according to CŽS
500 €
Acrylic mandibular cap for the lower jaw by CŽS with extraction through the canine teeth" ndibular joint
399-500 €

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