Dental fillings

Not everyone can boast a perfectly healthy and attractive smile. Tooth decay, disproportionate, worn, chipped, discoloured teeth or other imperfections that can lead to serious oral problems or diseases in the future are very common. To prevent this from happening, timely therapeutic treatment is essential.

Therapeutic treatment, also known as restorative treatment, is a treatment method that allows you to restore anatomical structures and chewing function, as well as aesthetics, and protect your health. Fillings are placed only with high quality and reliable composite materials.

This treatment offers the opportunity to:

  • 1. It allows you to save your own teeth;
  • 2. Prevent the progression of oral diseases;
  • 3. Restore the aesthetic appearance and function of your teeth.

Therapeutic treatment is the most common treatment for caries. It is one of the most common diseases worldwide. This problem can be caused by poor oral care habits or poor diet. To treat tooth decay, first the damaged tooth tissue is removed and the carious cavities are cleaned out, and then a filling is made with special composite fillings.

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