In order to provide the highest quality services, we have been successfully cooperating with probably the best dental technician laboratory AURIDENTA for 15 years. The specialists working here have many years of work experience, in addition, they are constantly improving in courses and seminars in Lithuania, Germany and Austria. The laboratory manufactures both permanent (screw on) and removable dentures using CAD/CAM software and classic dental restoration technologies. Thanks to the collaboration of IROK clinic with an advanced laboratory, patients can enjoy impeccable smiles.


The laboratory produces:

Minimal invasion restorations;

Composite with fine particle filler;

Restorations of implanted teeth;

Dental crowns and bridge dentures;

Support prosthetics;

Extruded plate prosthetics;


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At the Clinic of Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry (IROK) you can pay for dental services on favorable terms.


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