Many people fail to prevent tooth wear and tear, severe tooth decay damage, accidents, or teeth loss. If the teeth are damaged in such a way that they can no longer be restored by filling, prosthetics are applied. It is the restoration of lost teeth or damaged tissues with the help of modern and reliable prosthetic methods. Using various prosthetic techniques, it is possible to restore both the damaged structures of individual teeth and the teeth themselves or their entire rows.

Prosthetics is an area of ​​orthopaedic dentistry, because when reconstructing teeth or improving the condition of the patient’s existing teeth, it is necessary to restore not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the proper occlusion, ideal contact between all teeth in the oral cavity and tooth movements. Prosthetics is a project that is touched by specialists in different fields of dentistry: doctors, oral surgeons, dental technicians, prosthetists.

We provide prosthetics with both fixed (non-removable) and removable dentures.


IROK offers the following prosthetic options:

Fixed dentures

on implants are an extremely important part of dental implant treatment. Permanent tooth crowns or bridges can be attached when the implants establish in the jaw. IROK provides the possibility to apply individual prosthetics. In this case, we do not use standard supports, because instead we use natural-looking zirconium oxide supports milled in a special order in the laboratory of dental technicians. These supports are then attached to permanent restorations made of durable and long-lasting materials that have a close biological relationship with human tissues. This ensures not only an aesthetic result, but also strength and functionality.

Removable dentures on implants

are an opportunity to have removable, but much more stable dentures. This is especially good if most or all of the lower jaw teeth are missing because conventional dentures do not hold firmly enough when attached to the lower jaw. Using this method, removable dentures made in the laboratory of dental technicians are attached to 2 to 4 implants screwed in the lower jaw.

Traditional removable dentures

are an option for patients who do not want dental implant treatment or if this treatment cannot be used for them due to contraindications. In this case, we apply the treatment with high-quality and modern German biological IVOCAP plates, which not only look natural, but also, thanks to their high accuracy, adhere perfectly to the soft tissues of the cavity.

Micro prosthetics

are non-removable dental restorations that allow you to preserve a lot of natural tooth tissue. They restore worn teeth surfaces and endodontically treated or cracked or otherwise damaged teeth. Depending on the individual situation, dental technicians will produce inlays, onlays or laminates for you. Teeth restored with micro prosthetics successfully participate in the chewing function, almost do not change over the years and have the same appearance as natural, nature’s created teeth.

Visit IROK – here we will discuss your needs, aspirations and possibilities, and together we will choose the most suitable prosthetics methodology for you.

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At the Clinic of Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry (IROK) you can pay for dental services on favorable terms.

Service prices

Dental prosthetics
Full-contour zirconia restorations for the lateral and front teeth
551-601 €
(E-Max) or zirconia ceramic restoration in the lateral teeth
651-691 €
(E-Max) or zirconia ceramic restoration in the front teeth
699-721 €
Individually layered ceramic restoration (veneer)
799 €
Restoration of layered ceramics in the anterior teeth with high aesthetic requirements
1240 €
Implant prosthetics
Full-contour zirconia restoration for lateral and anterior teeth (Screw-on monoblock, prosthetic part of implant included)
749 €
(E-Max) or zirconia ceramic restoration in the lateral teeth (screw-on monoblock, prosthetic implant part included)
790 €
(E-Max) or zirconia ceramic restoration in the anterior teeth (screw-on monoblock, prosthetic implant part included)
820-900 €
Temporary restorations
Temporary restoration on a tooth made in the clinic
79 €
Temporary restoration on a tooth made in a laboratory
149 €
Temporary crown on dental implants
249 €
Gingival shaping
199 €
Cosmetic plate (up to 3 teeth)
200 €
Removable complete denture (IVOCAP technology)
990 €
Other services
Impressions for functional-diagnostic models, positioning of the facial arch
150 €
Cementation of a detached crown
59 €
Diagnostic-functional waxing of 28 teeth
750 €
Digital scanning of teeth (digital impression) prior to prosthetics, single jaw
99 €
119 €
Kappa bruksistams centrike
380 €
Treatment of temporomandibular joint pathology with a stabilizing-positioning kappa
680 €
Removable dentures
Arch-supported denture without locks
1299 €
Arch-supported denture with precision locks
1699 €
Arch-supported denture with precision locks (more than two locks)
1999 €
Implant prostheses for edentulous jaws
Removable denture, per jaw (10-12 teeth, 2-4 implants), on locators (locator price not included), with acrylic (or composite) teeth
nuo 999 €
Fixed implant prostheses
Milled titanium framework with acrylic or composite teeth 4 impl.
4259 €
Titanium beam or zirconia monolith framework with lithium disilicate (E-Max) crowns (bases included), 6 impl.
7599 €

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