Teeth whitening

Modern people take care not only of their health but also of their aesthetic appearance. No one will dare to argue that white teeth are a decoration that gives charm and self-confidence. Upon arrival at IROK, you will be able to enjoy noticeably whiter and eye-catching teeth in just one visit.

We are of the opinion that teeth whitening must be not only an effective, but also a maximally safe and completely harmless procedure for the oral cavity, therefore we use only safe, reliable and scientifically based methodologies.

Get acquainted with the features of teeth whitening IROK:

It is recommended to perform professional oral hygiene before the teeth whitening procedure. This will help to ensure an even shade of tooth enamel and a longer pleasing result.

Teeth whitening in our clinic is performed using the Bleach bright whitening system. This is a significant achievement in the field of aesthetic dentistry. The uniqueness of this method is incredible speed and maximum safety.

Many fear that teeth will become more sensitive than usual after teeth whitening. IROK’s priority is safety during any dental procedure. Peroxide-free gel is used during teeth whitening, so the tooth enamel remains unchanged and no damage occurs.

If there are dead teeth in your mouth, these teeth cannot be whitened by conventional teeth whitening techniques. In this case, a special procedure for whitening dead teeth is applied, whitening such teeth from the inside.

If you wish, you can do the teeth whitening yourself. When choosing teeth whitening at home, you will get individual aligners, which need to be filled with whitening gel every evening for several weeks and worn at night or at any other time convenient for you. This is not as fast, but it is just as effective and safe as teeth whitening in a dentist’s office.

White and beautiful teeth are a small but extremely significant detail that can brighten your life. IROK will help you enjoy whiter teeth, which will encourage you to give the world your smile more often.

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At the Clinic of Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry (IROK) you can pay for dental services on favorable terms.

Service prices

Professional oral hygiene
76 €
Removal of pigmented plaque with baking soda, by air abrasion
69 €
Teeth whitening with special preparations (single jaw teeth)
120 €
Teeth whitening with special preparations (Both jaws)
180-200 €
Teeth whitening with special preparations (Whitening cap)
50 €

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