Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is the most common oral surgery procedure. Sometimes it is necessary to remove irregularly erupted wisdom teeth, and sometimes it is not possible to avoid complications of previous treatment or unexpected injuries that require the removal of one or more teeth.

Experienced IROK doctors perform tooth extraction even in the most complex cases. The doctors many years of experience in the field of oral surgery and digital 3D X-ray diagnostics will ensure that the tooth removal procedure will go smoothly and will not cause you additional complications. You can entrust our specialists not only with the usual procedures for the removal of wisdom or permanent teeth, but also with retinal teeth.

Removal of retinal (non-erupted) teeth.

This is the surgical removal of teeth that have formed but not germinated due to various factors. Failure to perform such a procedure can lead to serious complications: the patient begins to suffer from acute pain and swelling, the roots of adjacent teeth are damaged, and cysts can form. Retinal teeth in the area of ​​wisdom teeth are most common, but in rare cases canines also do not germinate. In this case, the retinal canines are not removed, but are “germinated” using specific orthodontic techniques.

Removal of wisdom teeth.

According to research, more than 90% of people experience wisdom teeth problems. These teeth almost always grow irregularly, press on neighbouring teeth and tend to decay quickly, so delaying their removal can have dire consequences. Removal of wisdom teeth is carried out after careful assessment of the current situation and using special techniques.

Removal of permanent teeth.

This is a procedure that is needed when the tooth can no longer be saved either by therapeutic methods or prosthetics. We would like to emphasize that the removal of permanent poor quality teeth is a procedure that requires a very high level of responsibility, because the removal of such a tooth must be performed atraumatically, i.e. precisely and without damaging the surrounding tissues. This ensures that the patient does not lose much of the bone tissue that will be needed to restore the lost tooth using the implant. Careful and professional tooth extraction allows you to avoid costly bone augmentation procedures.

IROK dentists will always make sure you do not feel discomfort during the procedure and will provide all the necessary information you need to know during the healing period.

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At the Clinic of Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry (IROK) you can pay for dental services on favorable terms.

Service prices

Periodontist consultation
40 €
Dental curettage (deep cleaning of one tooth)
11 €
Dental radical flap surgery (1 quarter)
319 €
Clinical crown lengthening
99-132 €
Gingival reconstruction (shaping of fixed gums in the area of 1 tooth)
219 €
Surgical treatment of gingival recession (1 tooth)
319 €
18 €
Uncomplicated tooth extraction
76-98 €
Complex tooth extraction
98-164 €
Operative extraction of a receding tooth
164-220 €
Lip flap plasty
76-98 €
Alveolitis treatment
20 €
Treatment of pericoronaritis (around one tooth)
76 €
Root tip resection without retrograde filling
220 €
Tongue flap plasty
76 €
Removal of benign skin tumours:
55-79 €
110-165 €
Removal of minor salivary gland cysts
Nuo 120 €
Fixed gingival surgery
199 €
Root tip resection using bone substitutes and retrograde filling
660-715 €
Surgical suture placement
20 €
Removal of dressing or sutures
12 €

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