Funded services

Funded prosthetics

E. Miler Dental Clinic provides free prosthetic dental services to all those who have been reimbursed by the Territorial Patient Funds. Dentures can be either removable or fixed on the patient’s healthy teeth or dental implants. This option is available to the following patients covered by compulsory health insurance:

From 1 January 2022, the cost of dentures will be reimbursed from the PSDF budget for individuals according to the actual cost of dentures, up to a maximum of:

1. pensioners, incapacitated or partially incapacitated persons:

  • who have less than 10 pairs of functionally complete contacting natural or quality prosthetic antagonistic teeth from the first molar to the other side of the first molar – up to EUR 620,92;
  • diagnosed with more than grade II pathological wear of all teeth (more than 1/3 of the crown height) – up to EUR 620,92;
  • whose edentulous mandible in the area of teeth 4, 5, 6 is less than 12 mm high – up to EUR 1 910,49 (determined by the consilium);

2. children:

  • whose masticatory system is still developing, are fitted with temporary dentures made of polymers polymerised in a laboratory or in a dental surgery, or with standard protective metal crowns – up to EUR 316.88;
  • whose masticatory system is substantially developed and who are fitted with dentures made of permanent construction materials – up to EUR 1 910,49 (determined by the consilium);

3. persons who have undergone treatment for oncological diseases of the mouth, face and jaws:

  • after specific (radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy) treatment, there are less than 10 functionally complete pairs of contacting natural teeth or high-quality prosthetic antagonistic teeth from the first molar to the other side of the first molar – up to EUR 620.92;
  • oral, maxillofacial surgery with soft tissue removal and/or bone resection of the jaw area – up to EUR 1 910,49 (determined by the consilium).

If the actual cost of the dentures was higher than the reimbursement amount, the person has to pay the rest.

More detailed and always updated information is available on the TLK website:

Free silants for children

Silanation is a painless procedure that takes a few minutes. The surface of the teeth is cleaned, treated with a polishing paste and covered with a silane, which is then hardened. The fluoride in the silane strengthens the tooth and protects it against tooth decay, one of the most common diseases among children and adolescents. Studies in Lithuania show that 69.4% of the chewing surfaces of molars in children aged 7-8 years are affected by caries.

The coating of permanent molars with silanes is carried out by personal health care institutions that have concluded agreements with territorial patient funds for the provision and payment of services for the coating of children’s molars with silane materials. The services are free of charge for children participating in this programme. The programme is aimed at preventing caries on the chewing surfaces of the permanent molars of children aged between 6 and 14 years.

The application of silants is carried out by dentists with assistants or oral hygienists. If the silane falls out, the procedure of covering the molars with silantic materials shall be repeated. The main aim is to ensure that the next generation has the healthiest teeth possible. Swedish researchers have found that if children have their teeth covered with dental sealants on time, even after 8 years, the chance of tooth decay is reduced by 80-90%.

The programme to cover children’s molars with silane materials was approved on 16 September 2005. No V-713 of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania On the Approval of the Description of the Procedure for the Coating of Children’s molars with Silent Materials and the Reimbursement of the Costs from the Budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund and the Approval of the Basic Prices for the Services of Coating of the Molars with Silent Materials”.

Reimbursement of orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is most effective when done early. Unfortunately, not all families have the means to provide orthodontic care for their children. Therefore, we are rushing to share the good news with parents who have children under the age of 18.

IROK Clinic has signed an agreement with the Vilnius Territorial Patient Fund (VTLK) to reimburse orthodontic services for children!

The Orthodontic Clinic has been established by the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania of 18 July 2019. V-842 , the basic price of a reimbursable orthodontic appliance (plate) is EUR 76.77 and the basic price of a reimbursable braces system is EUR 614.03.

For more information on the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania “On the approval of the basic prices of orthodontic appliances and braces and the lists of diseases and orthodontic anomalies for the treatment of which reimbursable orthodontic appliances and braces are used”, click here.

Braces are reimbursed for the following diagnoses:

  • Palatal malocclusion
  • Insufficiency of the lip
  • Adontia, impacted or crowded teeth
  • Congenital malformations of the skull and facial bones

If orthodontic treatment is not completed before the child reaches the age of 18, the cost of the orthodontic appliances used for this treatment shall continue to be reimbursed by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) for a maximum of 5 years from the start of orthodontic treatment.

Want to know if you can be reimbursed? Just follow 2 simple steps:

  1. We invite parents to register their children for an orthodontic consultation at the IROK clinic by calling: +370 6 9421271 or +370 5 2651780.
  2. During the consultation you will be informed if you are entitled to compensation.

Patients are consulted by orthodontist Eglė Šaulienė.

For further information please call: +370 6 9421271 and +370 5 2651780

See you at the IROK clinic!”