Professional oral hygiene

Toothbrush and toothpaste are extremely important tools, but they are not enough. Plaque accumulates on the teeth and it simply cannot be removed yourself. In order to enjoy healthy teeth, professional oral hygiene should become an integral part of oral care. This is a procedure performed by an oral hygienist that each person should perform on average every six months.

Regular professional oral hygiene prevents the growth of bacteria and the accumulation of plaque, prevents the development of tooth decay and prevents the development of complex diseases of the oral cavity. The procedure is completely safe, does not cause discomfort and lasts 30 – 60 minutes.

During this procedure:

  • 1. An ultrasonic scaler removes plaque from the teeth surface;
  • 2. Teeth surfaces are polished and pigmentation spots are removed;
  • 3. Individual oral hygiene instruction is provided.

It is important to mention that when you visit an IROK oral hygienist, you will be given more than just a professional oral hygiene procedure. One of our most important goals is to help each patient avoid oral health problems, so in our clinic you will:

Find out if you are at risk for oral disease.

The oral hygienist will examine your teeth and the soft tissues around them in detail, assess the changes and alarms and refers you to another doctor, such as a periodontist or orthodontist, if necessary.

Get acquainted with the advanced “SOLO” methodology.

We are convinced that paying special attention to patient training on how to care for teeth can achieve great results. For this reason, we always provide useful advice to each patient, help them choose an arsenal of oral care products, and introduce them to reliable dental cleaning techniques. One of them is the SOLO prevention program, which is used to clean dental surfaces and interdental spaces much more thoroughly and effectively. All you need is a single toothbrush, properly selected interdental brushes, and the knowledge that our clinic’s oral hygienist will provide you.

Remember that regular professional oral hygiene is a big step towards healthy teeth.

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At the Clinic of Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry (IROK) you can pay for dental services on favorable terms.

Service prices

Oral hygiene (1 hour)
79 €
Conservative periodontal treatment (1 time)
139 €
Tooth colour correction (whitening) with ENLIGHTEN system
339 €

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