General services

It is common to believe that the main duty of a dentist is to assess the condition of your oral cavity and to eliminate the reasons that have caused you to visit his office. However, in our clinic, the treatment is a little different. We look at our patients problems much more broadly – we not only help to overcome complaints, but also perform a thorough health analysis and look for the real causes of your problems.

IROK is a place where you can trust every doctor. All specialists of the clinic are professionals with many years of experience, who clearly understand that in order to offer the best treatment solutions, it is necessary to constantly improve in a targeted manner. Our doctors are interested in the latest achievements and trends in dental science and always cooperate with specialists in other fields when necessary.

When visiting IROK, you will receive:

Sincere conversation with the doctor.

The first meeting is a time to discuss and thoroughly review your problems, needs, desires and opportunities.

If necessary, we will perform comprehensive and reliable diagnostic tests using modern and up to date equipment.

Creating a treatment plan.

Based on the information heard during the meeting with you and the results of the research, we will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan, in which we will provide all the necessary steps for treatment. If necessary, we will cooperate with specialists in other fields in preparing the plan. You can always get acquainted with the treatment plan prepared for you. This will help you feel calm and confident.

Planning of visits.

Depending on the treatment plan and your occupancy, we will make further visits.

When visiting IROK, you will clearly know what to expect. Rest assured that your health is in the hands of professional doctors.

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At the Clinic of Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry (IROK) you can pay for dental services on favorable terms.

Service prices

Consultation, initial examination, medical history, documentation, treatment plan
39 – 59 €
Hygiene measures
20 €
Local anaesthesia
20 €
Application of anaesthesia
5 €
Follow-up visit
30 €
Dental radiograph
10 €
Panoramic radiograph
25 €
Radiological examination with 3D computed tomography
99 €
Cephalometric radiograph
25 €

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