Dental laminates

Aesthetically pleasing and correct teeth that blend harmoniously into the totality of your individual traits are not only a pretext to smile more often, but also an opportunity to be more confident and leave a positive impression on others. If you think that your teeth are far from perfect, you can create the ideal smile with the advances of modern aesthetic dentistry. One of them is safe and extremely aesthetic micro prosthetic techniques, which allow to restore lost teeth structures or improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth.

Laminates – are ultra-thin ceramic restorations that are attached to the surface of the front teeth. This is an opportunity to create the impression of a perfect smile without damaging the natural teeth tissue.

Features of laminates:

  • 1. It is possible to adjust the shape and color of teeth, eliminate gaps between teeth or restore lost teeth tissue;
  • 2. The porcelain from which the laminates are made adheres extremely firmly to tooth enamel and hardly wears out over the years and does not change its colour;
  • 3. Laminates allow you to create not only an extremely aesthetic smile, but also to restore the functionality of teeth and a harmonious bite.
  • 4. Laminates - a long-lasting result achieved through careful work and minimal invasion. It is extremely important that when restoring a smile with laminates, the surfaces of natural teeth are almost not sanded. Each laminate is ideally adapted to the natural shape of the tooth, so only minimal preparation is required.

Laminates are not the only type of micro prosthetics. Other micro prosthetics can be used to restore or aesthetically improve teeth:


prosthetics used when it is necessary to restore a very minimally damaged tooth surface – a broken corner, edge or tooth pile.

Inlays and onlays

prosthetics used to restore aesthetic appearance and function in the area of ​​molars. During the production of these restorations, the anatomical structures of the molar teeth – shape, bumps, grooves and other extremely small details – are precisely restored. This allows not only to simulate nature, but also to accurately restore the correct bite.

It is always recommended to choose inlays or onlays after treatment of dental root canals. Often the tissues of such teeth are restored with conventional fillings, but they often make up more than half of the tooth crown. This significantly increases the risk of such a tooth cracking or breaking. Restoring a tooth with an overlay allows you to preserve the weak structures of the tooth and the tooth, even if only a thin wall remains of it.

Each micro prosthetic is a unique product created in the laboratory of dental technicians. After discussing the needs, possibilities and wishes of the patient together with the patient and assessing the current situation, dental impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory of dental technicians. The laboratory, which manufactures micro prosthetics for IROK patients, cooperates with experienced German dental technicians, so in some cases, dental restorations can be made in Germany at the patient’s request. The production of micro prosthetics is an extremely careful process – a microscope is always used in the production of these prosthetics.

Each case is unique, so if you decide you want to adjust your smile, contact IROK, where we will introduce you to the possibilities of restorations.

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