Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic tests are an integral part of modern dentistry. Radiological examinations, which are essential for this stage, are carried out prior to many dental procedures: from the straightening of a mental tooth to complex treatment with dental implants. It is also the case for therapeutic, periodontal, surgical, orthodontic, endodontic or prosthetic treatments.

IROK uses advanced X-ray techniques to provide highly accurate and detailed results. These results allow an effective, detailed and acceptable treatment plan to be drawn up.


Our clinic offers the following radiological tests:

Dental X-ray

– A dental photo is needed to assess the condition of the crowns and roots of one or more teeth. Dental photographs are usually taken during therapeutic or endodontic treatment.

A cephalometric radiograph is taken when dental procedures are performed

– A lateral or linear photograph of the head that allows you to accurately assess the position and bite of each tooth and plan the steps needed to straighten teeth.

Functional radiograph of the joints

– allows you to plan the treatment of patients who have jaw joint problems or diseases. This image clearly shows abnormalities or pathologies of the temporomandibular joints.

Panoramic photo

– reveals a view of both the upper and lower jaw and surrounding anatomical structures. These photographs are taken to assess the general condition of the teeth, periodontium and jaws when planning prosthetics, tooth extraction, implants or other surgical procedures.

3D CT scans

– One of the most accurate and advanced radiological diagnostic tools. It is most often prescribed when planning implant placement or other surgical procedures. 3D CT allows the doctor to take a closer look than ever at the internal structures of the oral cavity and to assess the amount and condition of the jawbone.

X-rays are a modern, safe and informative method of examination, which is an important step in planning your dental treatment.

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