Endodontics is the treatment of root canals damaged by infection or inflammation. Most often, dangerous microorganisms enter the root canal system of the tooth due to tooth decay induced damage. In this case, the patient is often accompanied by acute pain and swelling. Do not wait when you experience these symptoms, as the infection can become a threat not only to your teeth, but also to your general health.

Even in the most difficult cases, such as a large outbreak of infection, your tooth can still be saved with the careful work of a doctor endodontist.


Peculiarities of endodontic treatment:

In some cases, 3D computed tomography diagnostics are used. This new method of immediate diagnosis allows a clear assessment of the anatomical features of the root canals and precise planning of treatment.

The endodontist’s tools are modern ultrasound equipment, high-quality materials and a microscope that ensures ideal visibility.

Endodontic treatment is a sequential process that begins with the opening and cleaning of infected canals and ends with airtight sealing.

During the treatment it is tried to damage the tooth tissue as little as possible, because the main goal is to preserve the patient’s tooth.

A particularly significant area of ​​IROK’s activity is the retreatment of dental root canals. This is an extremely complex treatment procedure that is always trusted by a professional and experienced endodontist in our clinic. Endodontic treatment is not possible without a microscope. This device allows you to see what is not visible to the naked eye: small cavities of the root canal of the tooth, additional ultra-fine dental canals, remnants of old fillings.

Endodontic treatment may be required if:

  • Symptoms of previous root canal infection recurred;
  • The canals are incompletely and not hermetically sealed;
  • A fistula (small abscess) formed near the endodontically treated tooth;
  • Not all canals were sealed during the initial treatment.

We remind you, that endodontically treated teeth are at extremely high risk of cracking and breaking.

For this reason, after treating the root canals with a doctor to discuss the possibilities of filling the tooth, it is advisable to choose micro prosthetics instead of conventional fillings. Inlays made of durable and long-lasting composite materials allow to prevent tooth loss, even if there are very few intact tooth structures left after treatment.

Every endodontic treatment is a process that is perfected down to the smallest detail. Entrust your dental root canal treatment to IROK.

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At the Clinic of Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry (IROK) you can pay for dental services on favorable terms.

Service prices

Canal preparation (1 canal)
90 €
Canal filling (1 canal)
70 €
Canal preparation and filling (1 canal) single-moment
170 €
Canal retreatment (1 canal)
200 €
Preparation and filling of an additional fourth canal
90 €
Removal of the cult plug
150 €
Removal of the fracture tip from the canal
109 €
Removal of glass fibre
95 €
Root tip closure, perforation closure MTA
95 €
Internal tooth whitening, first session
75 €
Internal tooth whitening, second session
29 €
Root tip resection (without material cost)
750 €

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