Oral surgery

Oral surgery is a complex field of dentistry that requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. IROK oral surgery specialists are constantly improving their knowledge, are well versed in the latest surgical treatment methods and take on even the most complex cases. Every operation performed in our clinic is completely safe, comfortable and ensures that the problems do not recur in the future.

IROK pays special attention to surgical procedures that involve the restoration of teeth with implants. The risk of complications during these operations is minimal.

Procedures to ensure that you will soon be able to enjoy restored teeth on implants:

  • 1. Lifting the sinus floor. When the teeth in the upper jaw are lost, the jaw bone begins to dissolve from above. During this procedure, the sinus mucosa is lifted and the required amount of bone is augmented. In some cases, dental implants can be screwed during the same procedure. This operation is performed both open and closed.
  • 2. Bone augmentation. Loss of teeth significantly reduces stimulation of the jaw bone and this bone begins to decline. As a result, the shape and features of the face change. Timely restoration of teeth with implants avoids negative changes in appearance and health and more complicated bone augmentation procedures, but there are a number of cases where the missing amount of bone has to be augmented (when the patient has lost a tooth long enough). Bone is augmented using the patient's own bone tissue or bone substitute. Once the required amount of bone has been restored, implantation can be performed successfully.

Other oral surgery procedures performed by IROK professionals:

Endodontic surgery

is a procedure performed by a professional endodontist in connection with the treatment of dental root canals. This doctor removes cysts and foreign bodies caused by an infection that has spread to the root canals of the teeth, and performs root canal resection, which removes the root canal. The precise and professional work of an endodontic surgeon is an opportunity to preserve even a severely damaged tooth.

Plastic reconstruction surgeries

include lip, tongue, vestibular plastic, bone reconstruction, or various soft tissue surgeries such as gums. Such procedures are performed when it is necessary to eliminate both small and complex pathologies of the oral cavity or to solve aesthetic problems, such as lengthening dental crowns, improving the gum line, etc.

IROK is not only professionalism, knowledge and indisputable competencies, but also an unconditional concern for every patient. We ensure versatile comfort during the procedure, and make sure that you feel as good as possible during the healing period.

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At the Clinic of Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry (IROK) you can pay for dental services on favorable terms.

Service prices

Tooth extraction
Milk tooth extraction
39 €
Permanent tooth extraction
89 €
Complex extraction, extraction of a mental tooth
119 €
Operative tooth extraction
151 €
Complex surgical tooth extraction
199 €
Other surgical services
Cyst removal
209 €
Tissue biopsy and histological examination
169 €

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