Daiva story: ‘I got more than just a new smile’

„I was living in a vicious circle“ – says patient Daiva (39), who suddenly lost her teeth and her self-confidence. Today, the woman with the big smile is convinced: the restoration of 28 teeth changed her life.


-Daiva, your smile today is wonderfful.
Has it always been like this?

-Thank you (smiles). Unfortunately, I haven’t always had a beautiful smile. After I had my son, the beginning of motherhood was overshadowed by the onslaught of illness. My health was poor and my body was very weak. The changes that came with motherhood added to the stress. My teeth were badly affected – they were worn, crumbling, cracked, darkened and looked unaesthetic. In the end, I lost some of my teeth. It was a very dark period that I would never want to repeat.

-Has losing your teeth affected your life?

-Not that word. Not just affected, but changed! Even the most basic things in life were affected. I love dried fruit, berries and nuts. I still remember with horror how biting into a hazelnut caused half my tooth to fall out… so even my favourite snacks and meals had to be forgotten. The pain came with it – my teeth became extremely sensitive to cold and heat, and I didn’t even want to think about ice cream. But for me, as a woman, it was the aesthetics that hurt the most… As I say, I built a wall of complexes around me. Everything was no longer lovely, going out on the town or meeting my friends was out of the question (sighs). I guess you could call it depression.


-What pushed you towards change?

-It took time. As my son grew up, in the middle of my parental leave, I wanted to get back to normal. Although I had complexes, I dared to meet friends I hadn’t seen for a long time and talked about my experiences. They persuaded me to make a change and regain my self-confidence. I made a decision that I am still happy with today.

-Have you come a long way to the result you have now?

-I visited many clinics before I found the one that suited me and that I liked: the IROK clinic. The friendly, warm specialists, the cosy interior – I liked everything about it. Doctor Edvinas Mileris carefully assessed my condition. My teeth were decayed and worn down: in some places I needed dental veneers and in others even implants. Therefore, he suggested the 28-tooth restoration method. I was exhausted by the pain and the constant lack of self-confidence, so all I had to do was accept (smiles).

-What was the process like?

-The whole team worked on my smile, from the oral hygienist to the implantologist. I felt like a real superstar (laughs). First, the worn, decayed teeth were filled and implants were placed in the place of the lost side teeth. The next stage was particularly enjoyable – that’s where the aesthetics started (smiles). With the dental technicians, we coordinated the aesthetics of the future smile, the shape and colour of the dental veneers for the front teeth. When restoring the teeth, the doctors took into account the contours of my face, the shape of my face, the line of my eyes, so the result looks very natural.


-What did you gain from your dental restoration?

-It’s definitely more than just a radiant smile. I feel like a newborn. I don’t sit at home cooped up, I’ve said goodbye to complexes for good. I now have strong teeth, so cooking is a holiday again! And my son has a very happy mother (laughs).


-What would you say to patients who are hesitant to restore their teeth?

-Don’t wait, because the problem is not going away. Dare to open up to your friends and family about your complexes and experiences. You might get some life-saving advice? After all, today is the best time for change!

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