Aušra story: ‘The anxiety of the day was catching up at night’

Stress, endless running and health on the back burner. This is an experience familiar to Aušra (30). Today, the young woman with the charming smile says: it wasn’t always like this. Aušra agreed to tell us about her journey towards health and beauty.


For some time now, Aušra has been unhappy with her dental aesthetics. However, she has been putting up with it for a long time.

For years, she had been bothered by unsightly front teeth – yellowed and worn down. But what I disliked most was the gap between the two front teeth. For some, it is a symbol of unique beauty, but certainly not for me – smiles Aušra.

-What pushed you to change?

-“When I felt the pain, I realised it was time to put my work aside, get over myself and go to the doctor. I didn’t want to trust my health to the first specialist I came across, so I started to ” google it”. After looking at the feedback from patients and the information provided by the clinic itself, I decided to visit the IROK clinic. I am very happy with my decision.


-Tell us about the procedure itself.
How did it go?

I knew I had made the right choice. My teeth were cared for by a team of professionals, so I felt very safe. The specialists answered all my questions and talked extensively about the treatment ahead of me. In my case, dental veneers were the best option. Of course, this word did not mean anything to me. The doctor explained that they are thin ceramic plates that are fixed on the front surface of the teeth.

Initially, my teeth were being prepared for the application of veneers, which required light sanding. Finally, the veneers, which were made in a special laboratory, were glued onto the surface of my teeth using special materials.

-Aušra, you have a beautiful smile right now!
How do you feel today?

So far, I am grateful to the doctors for not letting me go and for encouraging me to finally resolve all my aesthetic and dental health problems.

The view in the mirror is unreal. My smile looks so natural and at the same time so new! It’s a unique feeling. Thanks to veneers, I have said goodbye to the space between my teeth and I have the smile I have been dreaming of.


Tell me, has your life changed after the procedure?

It’s not just a transformation in appearance. The experience made me value myself. I started to take better care of my health. I have also become more productive at work, I have successfully completed several projects and I continue to climb the career path. I think this is no coincidence. I believe that a healthy and happy person can achieve great results in all areas of life!

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