Antanas story: age is not a barrier to change

„I am living proof that it’s never too late to change“– smiles Antanas. The 90-year-old sets an example for those much younger than him: an active, interested senior greets every day with a smile. Thanks to innovative dental implants, Antanas enjoys natural-looking, perfectly functioning teeth. „My only regret is that I didn’t take this step earlier“– he says.


There are many patients who have lost their teeth. Their stories are very different.
What is yours?

-Over the years, my teeth began to weaken and become unsightly. And I was afraid of dentists… I thought the treatment would be very long and painful, so I avoided going to the doctors. When I brushed my teeth, my gums used to bleed, but I didn’t pay attention – after I cleaned them, it would go away. Later on, my teeth started to stick together, became very sensitive and painful. Even medication didn’t help… Unfortunately, when I finally went to the doctors, I found out that it was not worth it to save my teeth, and that I would have to have them pulled. So I lived for years without any teeth at all.

-How did it feel to lose your teeth?

-I had fewer teeth and more problems, so many problems…! I had difficulty chewing food, I had to give up delicious meals prepared by my wife. The dentures wouldn’t stay in, they were falling out. And what about beauty… you know, they say that the most important thing for a man is to be prettier than a monkey (laughs), but that’s not true. Appearance is important for us too. I used to talk with my hand over my mouth, and I started to smile less. I got very emotional, but I didn’t tell anybody. Only the people closest to me saw and knew.


-You suffered, you avoided treatment, and in the end, it was as if you got used to the sad changes…
How did you decide to have your teeth restored?

-I probably would have lived without teeth if it wasn’t for the morning newspaper! I am very interested in everything that is happening in Lithuania and I still read a lot. In the newspaper there was an advertisement about open days at the IROK clinic and an invitation for a consultation about tooth restoration. This news was very timely – I was tired of my dentures being worn, falling and rubbing.

After examining my mouth, Dr Edvinas Mileris explained that there was an innovative way of restoring my teeth – implants. I was curious and wondered how this technique works and what its benefits are. I found out that after dental implants, you can enjoy your food with confidence, your chewing is fully restored and your new teeth won’t fall out anywhere. And most importantly, everything will be pain-free! I believed that I could get my missing teeth back.

-And no fears?

-I was a little worried about the surgery itself – whether it would be painless, whether it would be safe… I am 90 years old, but I am much younger at heart (laughs)! But at the clinic, they told me about the anaesthetic and reassured me that dental restoration is suitable for patients of any age. I have no complaints about my health, despite the loss of my teeth, so I made my final decision: go for it!

-Tell me about the procedure itself.
How did it go?

-After the examination, the doctors said it was serious: I needed implants in both my jaws. We consulted and came up with the perfect solution: 4 implants were threaded into my upper jaw and a non-removable denture was placed on top. This is the so-called “All on Four” method, which suited me very well.

For my lower jaw, we decided to go for a different approach: only two implants were threaded in and a removable denture was attached to them. This saved money and the dentures fit perfectly on the implants! I’m talking, laughing with confidence. And most importantly, I can enjoy my favourite meals again (smiles).

The procedure was definitely not scary – I didn’t feel anything during it. It didn’t hurt after the surgery either: I took care of myself, rested and took the prescribed medication. The whole treatment took a good six months, but now I’m happy with the excellent result.


-Antanas, your smile is truly radiant! How do you feel today?

-The smile does not lie. Everybody says I’ve gotten younger (laughs)! In fact, I feel as if someone has shaved off a few decades. This is one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you to the doctors at the IROK clinic for their excellent work and support. I am still delighted with my new teeth. I am convinced: if you want to make a change, age is not a barrier.


Comment by dentist-implantologist Edvinas Mileris:

“Antanas came to us already without teeth. The situation was serious, but even for the most difficult cases we always find a perfect solution. We used the All on 4 and dual-locator techniques to treat Antanas. We threaded four implants into the upper jawbone. This number is fully sufficient to cope with the chewing load of the teeth. We fitted Antanas with a fixed temporary denture the day after the implant placement. Once the implants had healed, we replaced the temporary denture with a non-removable permanent restoration.

For the patient’s lower jaw, the cost-effective implantation tactic of threading two locator implants into the bone worked perfectly. On top of them we attached a high-quality removable denture. The denture sits firmly on the implants, does not cause discomfort, restores chewing function and looks natural.

The implants, properly selected, help many patients and are safe even for seniors. Antanas is a perfect example of this.”

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