Rokas Borusevičius


Periodontist Rokas Borusevičius specialises in the treatment of diseases of the soft and hard tissues surrounding the tooth, as well as diseases of the oral mucosa.

The doctor is a member of these societies:

Lithuanian Society of Periodontology
European Federation of Periodontology
European Association for Osseointegration

Procedures performed by the periodontist:

Conservative and surgical treatment of periodontitis: “deep” removal/cleaning of periodontal concrements in local non-autonomous space with manual and automatic instruments, curettage of periodontal pockets, periodontal patch surgery;
Aesthetic soft tissue procedures: gingival reconstruction, gingival recession coverage;
Bone and soft tissue augmentation (“augmentation”, “thickening”);
Clinical crown lengthening;
Complex and simple tooth extraction; extraction of wisdom teeth;
Dental implants. Conservative and surgical treatment of peri-implantitis;
Removal of oral mucosal formations;

Periodontist Rokas Borusevičius is also a member of the academic community of the Institute of Dentistry of the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University and carries out research activities in the field of dental implants.

The most important professional development events and courses:

2011 – Conference “Innovations and Topics in Dental Practice”;
2012 – Dental Implants: different approaches to perfection. OOSK;
2013 – Digital Dentistry Today. OOSK;
2015 – Current issues in periodontology. Lithuanian Society of Periodontology;
2015 – Fundamentals of alveolar healing, implant-support bonding and soft tissue plasticity around the implant. Dietmar Weng, DDS, Odonto Dr. (PhD), Associate Professor;
2015 – Peri-implantitis in implantology. Prevention and treatment. Prof. Frank Schwarz;
2015 – Immediate implant placement and prosthetics: a team approach. Nobel Biocare ®. Armando Lopes, DDS, MSc;
2015 – Concept, Indication and Handling of ANKYLOS® Implant System. Germany;
2015 – Europeris 8th International Congress. London, United Kingdom;
2016 – Mucogingival Aesthetic Surgery. Hand’s – on courses. Quintessence. Prof. Giovani Zucchelli;
2017 – Current Topics in Periodontology. Lithuanian Society of Periodontology. Clinical case report presented;
2017 – CBCT in dentistry – sense or nonsense? Udergraduate education and assessment at King’s College London Dental Institute. Radiological Interpretation – can you do it? Guest lecturer;
2017 – Soft tissues around implants – the key to success. From theory to practice. Let. Dr. Pierfrancesco Mondina;
2018 – Bone and soft tissue augmentation. Posterior maxilla; DDS spec. periodontology, PhD Algirdas Puišys;
2019 – International Congress of the Lithuanian Chamber of Dentists “Compass of Dentistry 2019”. Oral presentation on the topic “Influence of implant support material on peri-implant tissues”;
2019 – Theoretical and practical training “Mini implants from A to Z: theory and practice”. Lecturer: Aldo De Blasi;
2019 – European Association for Osseointegration Congress. “Implant abutment material and surface modifications effect on human gingival fibroblast behaviour”;

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