Orthodontic treatment

Those who can be proud of their straight and well placed teeth are confident and when smiling attract the gazes of those around them. But beautiful teeth are much more than an indicator of attractiveness. It is generally accepted that a proper smile is a feature of a successful and influential person. Unfortunately, for some, a wide smile is hindered by crooked, tangled and irregularly positioned teeth. Fortunately, the smile you have always dreamed of can be obtained by applying the most acceptable method of orthodontic treatment for you.

A desire to have more beautiful teeth is usually the reason that you consult with an orthodontist. However, we would like to remind you that teeth straightening allows not only to form an aesthetically pleasing smile, but also to restore the correct occlusion, which ensures the functioning of all teeth as a harmonious system.

An orthodontist from our clinic, who is a professional and has many years of experience, will help you choose the most optimal teeth straightening methodology, assessing your teeth position, expectations and wishes. One of the most effective and popular methods is orthodontic treatment with braces.


At the IROK clinic you can choose from the following brace systems:

Metal braces

– effective teeth straightening at the most attractive price.

Sapphire braces

– a type of braces that look very aesthetically pleasing. These braces are made of a material that reflects the natural colour of the teeth and are therefore almost invisible.

Self-ligating braces

– an intelligent brace system that allows you to feel less discomfort and allows you to enjoy faster teeth straightening and less frequent visits to the doctor.

Braces – an effective remedy for straightening teeth, but this method does not satisfy all patients.

For those who value comfort and take care of their image, we offer an alternative to braces – the increasingly popular straightening of teeth with invisible aligners. We use the world-renowned AIRNIVOL® and INVISALIGN® teeth straightening systems in our work.

Not sure which straightening method to choose? Decide on the differences between braces and teeth straightening aligners:

Appearance Silver shade See through / Invisible
Duration of treatment 24 hours a day, average – 2 years (depending on the case) 22 – 24 hours a day, 6 – 18 months (depending on the case)
Care More frequent and extremely thorough oral hygiene, requires a special toothbrush and rinsing fluid, interdental cleaning required Teeth need to be cared for as usual, a toothbrush and toothpaste that does not contain abrasives should be used for taking care of aligners
Visits to a specialist Every month Every 4 – 6 weeks
Advantages • Suitable for the treatment of complex cases;
• Are extremely stable;
• Wide choice depending on needs and financial capabilities.
• Not noticeable on the teeth;
• Can be removed if necessary;
• No difficulty when eating, you can choose any food;
• Does not cause discomfort.
Disadvantages • May cause pain and discomfort;
• Complicates daily oral hygiene;
• You must choose food responsibly and avoid certain foods.
• The aligners must be cleaned after each meal;
• Requires strict self-control – if the aligners are not worn for the specified time, the result will not be achieved;
• High price.
Not suitable for patients who… Are active in certain sports Have complex occlusion problems

Remember that not only healthy, but also beautiful and correct teeth – are a decoration of your appearance. If you have been dreaming of straight and well placed teeth for a long time, IROK will help you fulfil this desire.

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At the Clinic of Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry (IROK) you can pay for dental services on favorable terms.

Service prices

Konsultacija + gydymo plano sudarymas
19-39-49 €
Diagnostiniai atspaudai ir modeliai
89 €
Gydymas išimamais ortodontiniais aparatais:
Plokštelė (su vienu sraigtu)
125-149 €
Lūpos atstūmėjas (bamperis, su žiedais)
115 €
110 €
Funkcinis aparatas
220-245 €
Liežuvinis lankas (su žiedais)
115 €
Išorinis tempimo aparatas (su žiedais)
160 €
Konstrukcinio sąkandžio nustatymas
35 €
Veido kaukė
230 €
Plokštelės pataisa
30 €
Pakartotinis apsilankymas
20 €
Gydymas nenuimamais ortodontiniais aparatais:
Metalinės kabės (1 žandikaulio)
449 €
Keramikinės kabės (1 žandikaulio)
Nuo 725 €
Beligatūrinės metalinės kabės (1 žandikaulio)
640-725 €
Separacinių gumelių įdėjimas (1 dantis)
5 €
Žiedo pritaikymas ir cementavimas
40 €
Žiedo percementavimas
10 €
Žiedo perlitavimas ir percementavimas
15 €
Kabės vamzdelio perklijavimas (nekeičiant kabės)
20 €
Kabės vamzdelio perklijavimas (keičiant nauja kabe)
25-40 €
Ortodontinis implantas
149 €
Sagutės klijavimas
30 €
Vamzdelio klijavimas
35 €
Lanko keitimas (1 žandikaulio)
40-55 €
Kabių kontrolė be lanko keitimo (1 žandikaulio)
20-40 €
Gomurinis lankas (be žiedų)
60 €
Lankas liežuvio disfunkcijai( be žiedų)
60 €
Grotelės liežuviui (lituotos)
130 €
10 €
Elastinė grandinėlė
10-15 €
Kabių nuėmimas (1 žandikaulio)
45-89 €
Fiksuotas reteineris
129 €
Greito plėtimo sraigtas (be žiedų)
100 €
Nuimamas reteineris
80-120 €
Bendra gydymo kaina nenuimamais ortodontiniais aparatais viso gydymo laikotarpiu priklauso nuo naudojamos kabių sistemos ir gydymo laiko:
2500-4500 €
Nematomos Ordoline dantų tiesinimo kapos
Gydymo planavimas
250-300 €
Easy (be korekcijos) iki 8 kapų:
Vienas žandikaulis
900-1450 €
Abu žandikauliai
1700 €
Light (įskaičiuota viena korekcija) iki 16 kapų:
Vienas žandikaulis
1750 €
Abu žandikauliai
2500 €
Complex (įskaičiuota dvi korekcijos) virš 16 kapų:
Vienas žandikaulis
2750 €
Abu žandikauliai
3750 €

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